I don't really want to inject any negativity in my blogs, but today I'm kinda ticked off about something.

I hate junk mail. I hate junk email. But I really hate spam. Spam comes from email accounts that have been hacked. Blocking the sender does no good, because the next spam email will come from a different sender that has been hacked. They keep coming, and coming, and coming.

I got a spam email from AIG, you know, the company that we taxpayers loaned $125 billion to bail them out because they were too big to fail? They spammed me through the email account of "iKB6@mi-horoscopo-del-dia.com" Why is AIG or any other legit company involved in Spam? They are not the only big company doing it. 

Is there a solution? No, but here's a suggestion: I think it's a good idea to open a separate email "junk" account for online purchases. Why? Because your email will often be sold or otherwise distributed to other merchants and "third party" companies who will then send you unwanted emails. When you start to get too many "unwanted emails", just delete the "junk" account and start fresh with a new one. One more reason to have a "junk" account? Accounts used for online purchases are often the ones that are hacked. Next thing you know, AIG is spamming through your account!

OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to practice smiling the rest of the day!