I am renovating a disaster of a house! See my previous posts:  

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Renovating an Ugly Duckling House: A Real Time Renovation                                                                            

Renovating an Ugly Duckling House: Demo and Estimates

Not a lot got done in two weeks. Drywall patching and repairing is complete after the kitchen and bathroom mess and from where I opened up the non-load bearing wall to create a much larger opening between the kitchen and Living Room. Previously it was just a small doorway. The best news is that Edin Karajic has come home from his vacation and has begun installing the floor tile this week. 

More estimates came in on the cage, and I've come to the conclusion that spending $3000 or more to fix a 40 year old cage is not a good idea. I've gotten an estimate of $5500 to build a new Mansard Roof cage, and I'm going to do that. I'm also going to pour a 16' x 14' pad outside the cage for suntanning for $1600. The total Pool area cost is now up to $14000. I've got to figure out if I can save some money elsewhere.