I'm renovating a disaster of a house in Sarasota, Florida!

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After the Tile floor was done, Edin had to move on to another job. He will be back to do the bathrooms soon. Meantime, there is much research, shopping, comparing, and deciding to do, AND my wife and I are remodeling a studio condo at the beach while we have a break in the frequency of vacation renters. so some things here have to be put on hold.

The roof is scheduled for the 29th of August by Sunny State Roofing, and the sun tanning concrete pad will be poured by Russell Adams on September 1st. We now have a date for pool refinishing on September 19th, Pool Deck surfacing on October 7th and Cage installation right after that. I've decided to put in a concrete driveway because of the general look of the neighborhood. The pool deck will add another $3000 and the driveway cost will be $2600. 

I have found a way to save on windows and, yes, even the doors that Pat wants. More on that later.

The budget is BUSTED! But...I'm convinced that even a $70k reno is OK for this house, even though I hope it doesn't come to that.